Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name 'Cuttlebag' mean?

We got inspired by cuttlefish, which are sometimes called "chameleons of the sea". Cuttlefish are highly intelligent and can change colors, patterns and even shapes at will almost instantaneously. The concept for our bags is pretty similar as the magnetic snaps made it easy to swap the panels to completely change the look of your bag. Plus "Cuttlebag" is fun to say - now you try it!

Where and how are the bags and panels made?

All of our bags and panels are made in small quantities in Chicago, IL. Although some equipment is used for production of bags and panels, there is a huge hand-made component to assembling and finishing our bags and panel sets. We keep a small stock of most panel sets, however the printed sets and skewed panel sets are made to order.

What are the cleaning instructions for the bags and the panels?

Our bags are made of 100% man-made Polyurethane (PVC/Lead-free) upholstry leather exterior and nylon interior. We recommend that you only use mild soap and water to clean the exterior or your bag and towel-dry it before use. No harsh chemicals should be used on exterior of the bag as they can damage the material. If the interior lining of your bag gets dirty, you can pull it out as much as possible and wash it with a mild detergent. Keep it out to dry and then re-insert. The panels can be gently cleaned with soap and water. Do not use wire or metal sponges as they may scratch the finish; fully dry both sides of panels before use.

Are the panels appropriate for outdoor use?

Our panels are intended for indoor and outdoor use. Our finishes are UV and water resistant; however avoid leaving the bags out in the sun for extended periods of time. Also, avoid contact with sharp hard objects as they may scratch the finishes. Our mirror finishes are particularly prone to scratching and collecting dirt due to their highly reflective finish and may show wear before other finishes.

Are bags and panels safe for children?

Our bags and panels contain small fasteners and are not intended as a toy. Keep out of reach of small children.

I have lost or damaged a panel - how can I purchase a replacement?

Please email us with “REPLACEMENT PANEL” in the subject line at with the link to the specific panel set from our site. We will follow up with a link to where you can specify the quantity of panels needed and place an order. Generally, the cost to replace a rectilinear panel is $4 to $6. Please note that we do not issue panel replacements for printed sets. There is also a premium to replace a skewed panel since they are custom and harder to replace.

One of the panels that I have received has a loose fastener and is unusable. How can I get a replacement?

First of all, we are sorry that you have received a defective item. We test all of our panels to make sure that they work, however, since they are assembled by hand, once in a while we will miss a flaw, such as a loose fastener. If you have a panel with a loose fastener, please snap a close-up photo of the front and the back of the panel and forward it to, together with your return address. We keep track of all of our defects to minimize them in the future. We will ship a replacement panel within 2-3 business days based on the photos you have provided.